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Hi guys! I''m working at my thesis, (a little game engine with physics and deformations) and I have a BIG question. I''ve already written a nice code to support bezier surface with C1 continuity and also optimizated all with forward differencing and dysplay lists. Now I''ve read about NVIDIA evaluators and some questions arised: - can I use them in hardware with a Geforce 3? - It''s is worth to use them? Are they FAST? - Are there some major limits? I have to use Bezier patches with C1 continuity, and have also to use Bezier volumes for Free Form Deformation. I was wondering if calculating the polynomials with NV evaluator could give some real improvements in speed. Also because I can use my code (I use the matricial form of Bernstein polynomials) and try to make the Geforce do the matrix calculations. I would be REALLY gratefull if u could give me an hint. Bye folks.

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