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PS2''s Emotion Engine core is based on the MIPS family of CPUs, you''ll find documentation, source code etc at:

GBA''s CPU is one of the ARM family of CPUs, once again you''ll find info etc at:

PS2 also has the vector processing units where code looks like:

mulq.xyzw BLAH4,BLAH4,q nop BLAH3,Blah_Blah0,BLAH3 sq.xyzw BLAH1,0x02(BLAHADDR) BLAH2,BLAHZ,BLAH sq.xyzw BLAH2,0x05(BLAHADDR) BLAH1,BLAHY,BLAH sq.xyzw BLAH2,0x0B(BLAHADDR) BLAH4,vf0 lqi.xyzw BLAH_X,(BLAHADDR++)

BLAHs are defined variables/registers/memory locations (the names have been changed to protect the...). And yep, the VU assembler does have 2 columns.

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