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C++ Tutor

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not to burst your bubble, but it is not likely you will find a personal tutor here...
but i recommend this: read, read, read! then read some more. there are tons of books about programming, tons of tutorials on the net (many right here at, and a lot of people here who enjoy answering specific questions when you have them
good luck.

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Why not tell us a little about yourself, your experience with C++, if you''ve ever used another programming language, etc.?

You can also post your questions about C++ on this forum. They don''t have to be simple questions; they can be questions on the level of "what is a pointer?" and "why are pointers useful?" These questions tend to draw a lot of answers containing diverse information and perhaps some links regarding them.

Before you post though, you might want to peruse the current list of topics and see if your question has been answered recently. You can also use the forum search option at the top to look for topics that have been discussed within the last month or year. There is a wealth of information here!

You can also try Google. A lot of people put up programming tutorials, so you''re bound to find some code snippets and examples for what you want to do.

There are some free books available online at Hernán Moraldo''s website and I believe there are some C++ books as well.

The problem with mentoring is that it is one-on-one - at best you can only help one person. Here on the forums many people may read a post and learn from it, or perhaps clear up some misconceptions or mistakes the poster had.

If you want to strike up a conversation with someone, and they happen to have an ICQ number, there will be an ICQ button on top of their posts. Click on it and a window will pop up giving you the ICQ number and allowing you to send a message to that person using the web form. You could also plug that ICQ number into the ICQ messaging client and open up a chat session. (Don''t try mine, I only keep my ICQ number in the profile because if I store it any place else I''ll lose it.)

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