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Color Search Algorithm

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I''m trying to search for a specific color in an image. heres what i''m thinking. int img_x, img_y; int x, y; for( x=0; x < img_x; x++ ) { for( y=0; y < img_y; y++ ) { if( img->pixelcolor == Search_Color ) { // if image color is equal to predefined color // output only that color to a seperate image file // creating an image of only the search_color } } } is there a better way to do this? -= Off World Technologies, Inc. =-

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Guest Anonymous Poster
That''s it, basically.

Keep in mind that your colors actually have three components, though: rgb or hsv depending on the color space you use. Also, the colors will rarely exactly match up from pixel to pixel, so you probably want to check within a tolerance.

Something like this might work: ( abs(r - targetr) < 5) && (abs (g-targetg) < 5) && (abs (b - targetb) < 5)

I just picked 5 out of the air. In practice you''ll want to experiment with the tolerance there until you find something that works well for your application.

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