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Keyboard 'flickering'

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In my project I'm trying to use the keyboard with DirectInput7. When it runs all the keys seem to randomly flicker between being pressed and not being pressed. If I alt-tab out of the program and then back, everything begins to work fine. I've tryed to emulate this by using ShowWindow( SW_MINIMIZE) and ShowWindow( SW_SHOWNORMAL ) at the start of the program, but it doesn't help. I can't figure out why the input doesn't work until I alt-tab. To see for yourself, click here and download TileEd (73kb). Unzip it into your project directory. When you run it you might see a flickering circle moving to the left. If you don't, adjust the "if (keyboard.KeyDown( DIK_Q )) posx -= 20;" in WinMain to a smaller value so the circle moves slower. Please, someone help me with this. Edited by - TookH on February 7, 2002 5:35:24 PM

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I'm betting this is an acquiring issue (or it could be that you need to memset your keyboard buffer to 0 because it's filled with junk).


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