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code_fx    122
Hey How many times do you guys read programming books and what not(study if you want to call it that)? I know there is a lot to remember so after a while does it become natural to you... I am in class right now... right as I type this... and eventually will this become like a second English to me... I mean will typing classes and arrays will be as simple to as cout and cin?? hey got to go got some progamming problems to do...

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ATronic    122
They will be that simple. I made my first opengl program before I had read any tutorials, books, or taken any classes. How? I looked at peoples code and figured it out. I have now read many books on c++/opengl/gamedev, and most of it has become second nature to me. Just keep on practicing, and eventually you will hardly even need to think about it, just like when you learned to type. Do you now think about where the keys are on the keyboard? Most likely not. It''s just practive. Best of luck to you.

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