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Java or C++

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I know this may seem like a redundant question (by more nuances of the word than one), but I want to know what you experienced programmers think I should invest more of my time in: Java or C++ So far, even though I''m in a C++ class, I like Java better (easier to use, graphics and networking are easier, I''ve actually done some REAL programs in Java... et cetera). However, I''ve heard that a lot (most?) actual companies program in C++. Is this likely to change any time soon? Java is nice and all, but will it be readily applicable in a job environment? I''ll probably keep learning both languages, but I''d just like to hear what you think which I should invest more in (or if you want to argue about it, pros and cons of each besides the obvious). Any responses are thnx. "I''''m not evil... I just use the power of good in evil ways."

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