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Hi guys!! I''m making a application that uses Quaternion to do rotations, and it isn''t working for one thing!!! The objects are freeded of Gimbal Lock in only two axis!!! In the other, I continue having Gimbal Lock Problem!!! I''m almost sure that the problem is in the multiplication, but I need help! The ''Sobeit Void'' tutorial, said something like this: "Note: Both quaternions must refer to the same coordinate axis. I made the mistake of combining two quaternions from different coordinate axes, and I had a very hard time wondering why the result quaternion fails in certain angles only." Like he said, I think I''m multiplicating quaternions of different cordinate axis! But I didn''t understand what are ''cordinate axis''. In first look, for me, it''s X, Y, Z. But I really don''t know! Any help ''ll be apreciated! Thank you guys!

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