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Opposites lead to logical layout + vs -

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Lets evaluate opposites creativly. Let me talk a bit basic for a second to get things in motion. It may seem simple but realy isn''t as simple as you may think it is. For instance their is 2 sides to thing like binary (black and white) but to see things a bit more clearly lets look at it in 4 sides (foward is the opposite of back, and their opposites are left and right). So answer this the oposite of black and white are? lol I was thinking that it would be true gray and semi gray (black and white small dots to make it look gray) OK the point is that many charts are out to see things logicaly which havent been out for a long time like an emotion chart which showes every emotion like mad opp. of happy and their opposits are sad its opp. of fear. and they go into different degrees on how intence they. But basicaly do you see the basic binary structure in it? ++ -- +- -+ So in games what Charts are their? Is their a game type chart? action is the opposite of what? strategy? or adventure is to rpg? Or what about other aspects in the design of games? Like big strong enemy opp. of small weak enemy, so their is big weak enemy opp. to small strong enemy. well can someone explain actions? attack is to defend and their opposite is? And so on. If this forum is to hard for you then just try and answer or just watch. Take care

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"For instance their is 2 sides to thing like binary (black and white) but to see things a bit more clearly lets look at it in 4 sides (foward is the opposite of back, and their opposites are left and right)."

There aren''t really four sides there.
You have to use parentheses.
(black vs. white) vs. (light gray vs. dark gray).
Altogether that''s only 3 sets of binary comparisons.

Now, I suppose I see how one could argue that way, however,
I see it as more like averaging.
(black+white)/2 = gray.

There are different ways to see that, of course.
But, anything that isn''t something else can always be seen as an
opposite. The opposite of being a book is not being a book.
So, everything that''s not a book is a book''s opposite.

You can get as abstract or specific as you like, of course.
My perception, tho, is that black&white vs. l.gray&d.gray are not
opposites. White is an additive to black. Therefore, gray is
just an intensity of white on black.

"da da da"

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To correct one a thing is that (happy vs. sad) vs. (mad vs. fear) oops sorry. Well why didn’t anyone pick that up? I guess your people didn’t get what I mean lol. Well why is this statement true? Look at each one in binary state.

Also about black and white being light and dark for opposite isn’t the right one. You are just talking about its intensity then it’s opposite. Kind of like the emotion chary to say the intensity of mad is vicious for more, or annoyed for less. I am not talking about intensity, but its counter part.

Here is a diagram to show u about the b/w

````true gray
gray (no gray color shown but only black and white)
Did u see how old games or lets say game boy in how to mix a lot it has to use 2 colors to make it look like the color u want like small dots? Checkers shading I think it’s called.

But maybe for b/w its intensity goes in a circle


that is supposes to be a circle.

But anyway back to games what is action strategy and what r its opposites? How can someone define a game when they don’t even know what it is lol. I see some people categorize games in what they aren’t many times and it’s annoying.
They confuse games that use the mind with reflex or luck.

So the opposite of that would be

(mind vs. luck) vs. (reflex vs. ????) lol I'm stuck or too lazy.
Which those in games are somewhat alike to…
(Strategy vs. gambling) vs. (shooter vs. ????)
Also its categories between.

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some things just don''t have opposites. don''t try to force it.
as for the black & white thing, it is more of a scale i think:

--- krez (krezisback@aol.com)

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The opposite of black AND white would be color to my mind. Grey would lie on the black-white "line" and would be a quantified value on that line. If u take it a little further the line is a circle with 180 degrees between max and min values.

So if u look at opposites in a geometrical sense, a opposite pair forms a line, so in a three dimensional orthogonal base any opposite pair would have one of two opposites. So if u combine the forward and backard rays u get a line, lets say its parallel to the z axis. So both the left-right and the up-down would be considered opposites, anything parallel to the x axis or y axis.

In terms of the other things u mentioned its a bit harder because u first have to identify your orthogonal bases. The simplest way I can explain the concept how I see this would be what different people center there lives around. Some people live their lives about Good-Evil, other about Money (poor-rich, i think this evaluate to a base emotion of life-death). A person who HAS to live on a pure survivalist level will make choices based purely upon that without any regard to right-wrong. This basically proves these two ideals are orthogonal, but the trick is to evaluate the number of orthonganal planes of the problem domain... in this case with emotions and the human condition.

After that u could make actions, or any composite exist as a vector in your N-dimensional orthogonal base. Anyway thats the way I would go about looking at what u said... what u think?

-potential energy is easily made kinetic-

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O come on
Don''t make me do all the work lol

Can every sound of the voice get charted out???

Phonetics laid it out. The internet sucks in finding a lot of thing but information is mostly in books.

As for emotions look at it in a basic layout.
Why is (happy vs. sad)vs.(mad vs. fear)????
Basically they can all be defined with 2 basic words for each, and you use their 2 words and their opposite to define them all.
So Like the title says + -
So happy is a ++,sad --, mad +-, fear -+
I forgot the basic explanations to them lol I lost my book lol but I think you get the basic meaning.

About black and white it was a basic thing but their is every color laid out, and black and white have their place in it.

But in a game aspect I see there aren’t any real inventors but mostly copy cats. Well I am not saying that their can be an infinite # of games originality, but there games that haven’t been thought of yet even at a 2d game level.

So look at all the aspects of what a person uses to play the game like using your mind in the game vs. no skill meaning luck, vs. using instinct like reflexes and ???? lol

Let’s look at it in more basic terms.
in 2 words for each use to define in and its opposite should have the opposite definition.

mind- uses thought to deduct.
luck- doesn’t use thought

and for this use one of each of the last 2 in a way to get the next 2.
reflex- uses ability
and I am thinking maybe cardinal knowledge is opposite of it.

mind ++, luck --, reflex +-, knowledge -+

just because someone knows trivial facts doesn’t meant they are smart. they are 2 different aspects.
So knowledge is basically used for games like scrabble or Carmen Sandiego which their aren’t plenty games that use cardinal knowledge in information of what society has but of remembering how the game is in its rules and locations mostly like rpg''s.

Would people play a new 3d adventure of Carmen Sandiego? lol back to topic. each one is used in degrees and but dont catagorize it that way. inagin if games were labeled to say 40% intelect, 25% luck, 25% relex, and 10% knowladge.

No game would be 100% in one aspect. But some have a high mark like slot machines for instance that might be 90% luck or would you think its more? lol

take care

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Infinisearch you do have a point and yeah I know what you mean. And some things do have more but in color it’s just more of an intense than the opposites. A true extreme of red green blue would be white or black. so maybe its (white vs. black)vs. (gray vs. color) and since u bring up a third dimension it would something else like clear as glass or nothing as in a void. And since theirs a void their and direction wasn’t indicated then there should be another direction which I would assume its zero degrees meaning no direction. So that would have a 4th dimension.

in your example of good and evil would also have 3 dimentions
is evil does evil
is eveil does good
is good does evil
is good goes good

is nurtal vs its nothing

Take care

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Color is not a good topic to introduce your topic because you it depends on what point of view u are looking at it from. For example one way to look at color is the following: Black is the lack of light/color, white is the presence of all colors, and colors are everything inbetween those two extremes. Another way to look at it is what i mentioned before where black and white is one set and color is another. Opposites in general can be very subjective because different views upon the same data model the same data differently. As for clear and void they are not colors, they are physical properties and represent a different domain of thought.
You misinterpreted what I meant in regards to good and evil. Lets say u were trying to map out what domain of thoughts people base the decisions they make in life. By the very nature of our thoughts there seems to be opposites involved, action vs. inaction... But for u to accurately map these opposites out u have to map out the orthogonal bases first. By orthogonal I mean where two things do not affect each other, mutually independent.
In my example some people will label possible actions as good or evil and will take always try to choose the action which they identify with. In otherwords a person who bases there life on good vs. evil will identify themselves as being one or the other and try to embody that ideal through there actions. But what about a person who sometime chooses things they label as good and other times evil? Simple they do not base there life purely on that domain of thought. In my other post I brought up survival, that is another domain of thought that a person can base there decisions on. That domain of thought is an opposite of good-evil, because if u base your actions on a live or die level labeling an action good or bad is irrelevent.
There of course will be possible actions which affect multiple axis''s which is why I said look at things geometrically because it lets u picture shit and might let u apply math to analyze situations. For example it is possible for a action labeled as good help u survive but the opposite is also possible. More over doing something good can also have no effect on survival. That last statement is the ''orthogonalality'' i was speaking about. Anyway that is the method i would use to analyze opposites, but like i said watch out for subjective domains of thought and identify independent bases. In your example of video game types you say mind vs. luck well you could also say mind vs. reflex, they are not pure opposites. You can have a game that requires thought and reflexes can''t u? And a game can be very reflex intensive at one time and very thought involved the next. What exactly are u trying to accomplish by analyzeing opposites? Game AI?

-potential energy is easily made kinetic-

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I think I''m being tripped up by incomprehensible grammar =)

You could come up with any number of combinations like this, but fuzzy definitions of opposites are very subjective (especially in terms of good and evil). There are very few true opposites.

What I don''t understand is the application of these models.

As Infinisearch said, "What exactly are u trying to accomplish by analyzeing opposites? Game AI?"

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