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Help with DirectX things, please

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Hi, I am a DX programer like all of you, I am studying Computer Science and I have to do an exposition in a programming class, it's about a general theme, they gave us to choose, and I chose to talk about DirectX, there are a lot of people that don't know what it is, or what we could do with it, I would like them to know how many things it can do so what I am asking you is any help you could give to me, anything is good, ideas, opinions. I am planning to make the exposition using Flash 5 so any tip or trick about Flash is also good. I would like also to know about some page or where I could find good pictures about DirectX logo's and all that things, like I said before any help will be grateful. Thanks... -Angel. Edited by - angelsolares on February 16, 2002 5:08:05 AM Edited by - angelsolares on February 16, 2002 11:47:22 AM

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Ahem... so you chose to do a presentation on a topic you do not master using a tool you don''t know how to use ? If I were you, I''d reevaluate these choices. If that is not an option, write your own tutorial based on what you know (or if you choose to rip-off somebody else''s, remember to give credit). I still wouldn''t advise using Flash. You''ll be wasting your time instead of working on the contents of the presentation itself.

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It is not that I don't know flash or DX, it's just that we all have different point of view, that is what I need, other points of view instead of only mine, and ok forgot about short tutorials, I mean the same with them, and I do know flash but even when we know something we know we could learn a trick from someone else. What I most need are DX pictures, pictures about things of DX, and some good backgrounds, anyways thanks for your comments Fruny. Oh... I almost forgot, if you don't think Flash is good, what do you recommend?.


Edited by - angelsolares on February 16, 2002 11:42:22 AM

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The MSDN DirectX site:

Contains up to the minute information on DirectX and how to use it.

The Meltdown conference (DirectX developers conf.) presentation slides all start with a full screen DirectX logo that you could "borrow".

Some search terms for your favourite browser if you want to know about the history of DirectX:

1) WinG+DirectX
2) RenderMorphics

If you experienced the multiple configuration nightmare of DOS gaming (i.e. expecting the end user to tell you what hardware they had...), and the slowness of GDI rendering, you''ll understand much of the motivation and problems DX was intended to solve.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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