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confusion about DRI, GLX

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Does DRI actually support hardware acceleration of Opengl via GLX? Or is it its own accelerator of OpenGL? I''m also presuming it can accelerate MESA.

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As flame_warior suggested, have a look at the DRI website. They have a /D Glossary and I''m sure the definition of GLX is included.
" The DRI is an integral part of XFree86 4.x, and integrates with MESA" that answers pretty well your second question
Of course, your video board must be amongst the one supported, Too bad if you have a Kyro video board.

X11 is a networked windowing system. Your client and your server might be on different machines. GLX packages up OpenGL commands into network packets, spits them across the X11 network pipe, then unpacks them at the other end. This lets you run accelerated 3D remotely: the client could be a simulation on a mainframe, the display could be your desktop machine in your office. GLX does a number of other X11 related things that couldn''t be packaged into OpenGL."

That should take care of your 1st. question

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