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Where can find material teach game architecture?

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My group is making a role play game, we want to build a stable architecture for our RPG. Where can find this materials? Thanks

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Hahaha ok sorry...that was pretty funny...
I think what he wants is a stable(*no more horse jokes pls*)
Engine for creating RPGs...although I''m not sure why this is
posted in Game Design...Either that or he wants a flowchart?

[Game engine] -> [world creation] -> etc

no probbaly he wants an engine heh...


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In fact, i want materials like teaching this kind of diagram.

Game Engine
| | | | |
Object View Battle Audio input events....
Factory controller controller controller controller
| |
----------- -------------
| | | | |
hero npc enemy... hero.draw npc.draw....

We need the architecture that showing the relationship between each components in role play game and the relation is stable that mean each components can work individual, one components canaged, other components will not affect.

We just have a draft on the architecture. We want to take a look about other architecture design. Can help? Thank you.

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