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desining a good RPG 'grow-system'

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I want to design a good ''growing-system'' for a game. It is a turn-based strategy-game. The creatures must have the ability to devellop in the game, they have to become stronger, faster, etc. They also have to be able to gain new abilities, items, weapons, etc. Does someone have some tips or knows some resources for this? Thnx They can because they think they can

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It is a turn-based strategy-game where you play matches with 5 people against 5 enemies (try to move the bomb to the castle on the other side). This is not totally worked out, but we want to have several different teams with several different units. The units you use can grow in ability, strength, etc. They must have:
level classes
action-points per turn
several abilities (some gained later in the game)
And they must be able to buy armor, weapons, etc.
You''ll also be able to improve your abilities, making them stronger or making them cost less action-points.
You''ll also be able to gain some general abilities, as the man who controls your units (like investing your action-points into money, etc.)
Actually i''d like to find any resource which tells about this in general, and makes an explication about how to do such thing. I think it is better to have studied this before I reallly begin designing this system.

They can because they think they can

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To be perfectly honest, I wouldn''t choose to go by any rescource anyway...

Since each game''s underlying mechanism relies on the characteristics of the game state (what sort of information is kept on each kind of object in that game), there aren''t any books or tutorials that can take you through a process of creation in a detailed way. The closest you might come would be to follow a generic ''template'' tutorial, in which case, you''re not really imporving the idea, you''re just organizing the lack thereof better. It''s my experience, and humble opinion, that you shouldn''t start organizing until you have 75% of your ideas, because after you organize, you''re restricted by trying to follow your scheme of organization.

My recommendation is that you develop your underlying structure more (you currently don''t know what stats you want, how the characters will fight, etc.) so that you can share it (in whole or in part) with us, and then we will be able to give you dynamc feedback.

This is also a reliable method because everyone here is a game player, and we are mostly aspiring designers (at least in this forum). So everyone here can very easily construct a mental image of your game, and then mold it to what they think might be fun/challenging.

Just talk, and people will talk back...

George D. Filiotis
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