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the origin

milkshape to opengl

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hi i''m searching a way to transfer a milkshapemodel to vertex coordinates of opengl i dont want to import a file like ms3d! i only need it in this way glBegin(GL_...); glVertex3f( .., ..., ....); glVertex3f( .., ..., ....); glVertex3f( .., ..., ....); glVertex3f( .., ..., ....); glEnd();

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um.. I think you''d have to write yourself some sort of app to do that.. At least, I dont know about any which does what you want.
Anyone else?

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As far as I can see, the only options you have involve learning the MS3D file format.

I would like to mention that the Infinite.Scream engine has a MS3D model loader which is free and open source in a tidy little class. It''s as simple as this:
// Create instance of class
iseModel* myModel;
myModel = new iseModel;
// Load Milkshape model
myModel.loadModel(filename, texturedirectory);
// Render model to screen

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