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Quake like console question...

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Ok, i''ve sniffed around these forums and have been looked at the Quake/Quake 2 source among others to see how they implement their consoles but being a newbie am having trouble understanding a few things. Onto my main query. As it stands, I am using a two-dimensional array which holds the number of lines + the contents i.e. char line_buffer[15][64]; Any input is put into line_buffer[0] and when the user hits return all the strings are copied from the top to bottom so it gives the effect they have been "shunted" up one. This presents a problem when I want to add info onto the buffer like memory values etc that the user hasn''t entered (for instance their typed buffer will be effectively be cancelled out). So I was thinking of using a separate array for the userinput and what has already been added to the console buffer. I''m thinking this would allow me better use of the memory aswell - I could have a loop using the modulus operator so any new input can be buffered into the line that was just knocked off the "top" as such). I hope that made sense. Anyone have a better way of doing such a console? I''m kinda stuck here... :]

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