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Class Diagrams?? Where can i find?

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im trying to look for something that will make a diagram/chart of classes/inherited classes/member functions automatically and save them as a jpg or any other type of picture format. i have microsoft visio 2002...bu the problem is that i do not have ANY dad took the CD with him . i tried using doxygen..but the program will not run because of missing DLL''s. anyone know how to do this with visio or with a free program?? thanks a lot.

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I''m not sure what you mean by "automatically". I take it you mean something like the Visio templates, so that you''re not just drawing rectangles and putting text in them. I thought the templates/stencils were part of the typical install.

Doxygen is for documenting code that''s already written. It will generate HTML based on your source code and comments (if you used the right comment style). Probably not what you want.

I''ve been using a program called Dia, which is a "free" multi-platform drawing tool with functionality similar to that of Visio. It has UML templates and has a class diagram interface like the Visio templates you are missing. Give it a try at this URL (don''t know how to post it as hypertext):

It will let you export your drawing into multiple image formats, although there are some problems with the text spilling outside of the boxes in some. The main problem I have with it right now is that you can only print in Postscript format. If you don''t have a Postscript printer, you have to print it to a file and find some tools that let you print on non-Postscript printers. If you''re exporting to another image format, you can print it out in any program, so it might not be that big of a deal.

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