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New demo... again..

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Hi! You guys are probably sick and tired of testing stuff but could please someone DL and try if this demo even works. I posted it a while ago but it crashed on just about every machine. So I chaned some things and I hope it works now. I know it still doesn't work on some win9x. I only tested it on 4 machines running winXP and one running win98 and it worked there. (read readme.txt before use) DL : http://www2.arnes.si/~uteran/Unity-Voyage.zip [ EDIT ] : in the /config folder you have to subfolders (medium/large). If you wand to chaneg size of terrain just copy file form that dir to /config. medium = 512x512 large= 1024x1024 Thanks Edited by - _DarkWIng_ on February 17, 2002 8:52:10 AM Edited by - _DarkWIng_ on February 17, 2002 12:45:36 PM

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runs quite nicely althought with alot to see slows down just a teeny weeny bit. the menu items are transparent - the menu box is there, but there''s nothing in it - at least you can''t see it.

the log said: GetCharWidth32 did not return values.
everything else was just peachy

fps 24.1 fullscreen
fps 26.1 windowed

AthlonXP 1600+ (1400MHz)
256Mb DDR
Riva TNT2 UltraGamer (sucks, i know )
Win98 SE


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Hey, that's gorgeous! The lens flares are a tad simple, but they add a really sweet effect. Two thumbs up. I didn't get the FPS, but the motion was smooth, and remained consistently so throughout the run, even when I stepped off the end of the world

My system config is:
1.3 Ghz Athlon T-Bird
Asus A7V-133 Mobo
VisionTek geForce3 gfx


//email me.//zealouselixir software.//msdn.//n00biez.//
miscellaneous links

[if you have a link proposal, email me.]

This post was in fact

Edited by - zealouselixir on February 17, 2002 12:30:28 AM

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Demo has been updated

Crispy : Thanks for error report. I replaced GetCharWidth32 with win9x friendly one and now I hope it works.

ZealousElixir : lensflare looks like crap since they are runtime generated and my texgenerator is still in the building stage

I''ve replaced menu imput with mouse (you can use mouse to click on items)

There are more worlds than the one that you hold in your hand...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
is there a way to get your demo for nehe''s 2001 contest
running on win98 (maybe you have fixed it, and I can download it somewhere?)

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Very nice! I did see a little slowdown when I turned on the animated sky, but otherwise it ran great!


Gateway Solo 9550se
Windows XP Pro
PIII-M 1.066 GHz
256 MB RAM
Geforce2 Go
DirectX 8.1

"I will crush you with my bare hands and throw you into the wind!"

-Majin Vegeta

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Great, the ''raise terrain under particles'' effect is pretty cool, and so is the lens flare effect. It runs a bit slow with the animated sky on, but it all runs flawlessly.

I''m running a Pentium III 900Mhz, 256MB RAM, GeForce2MX/400 with 32MB RAM, and Windows XP.

"Maybe this world is another planet''''s hell." -- Aldous Huxley

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thanks for replys...

Just a little slowdown? I get about 10 FPS

AP : I've fixed 2001 contest demo and I hope it will run on win98 now. I'll upload patched exe to my site in near future.

EDIT : you can DL patch for my Apocalypse 2001 demo from
just copy exe file over the original one and it should work now.

[edited by - _DarkWIng_ on April 12, 2002 7:39:24 AM]

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