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Pure Krome

STL #include <map> Questions

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Hello All. I have two quick questions. 1) How do i remove an item from a ''map''? eg. here is my INSERT / ADD function.
void CLists::AddPlayer (Player player)
  idnum_t iPlayerID = 0;

  iPlayerID = player.GetID ();
  playerMap.insert (PlayerMap::value_type (iPlayerID, player)); // Add the Player to the (player) Map

2) Is it possible to control the -size- of a ''map''. For example. i do not wish to always insert / add my CLASS to the ''map'' if my map already has .. hmm. lets say 1000 items (in this case, [class Player] players) in it. 3) If the answer to #2 is YES, then how do you know which item to remove from the map? i mean, can you add a unique value to the item that defines it''s IMPORTANCE? so the least important gets removed, and then the new item inserted / added? -PK-

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1. Use map::erase. There are 3 forms:

void erase( iterator pos );
void erase( iterator first, iterator last );
size_type erase( const key_type& x );

2. Yes it''s possible, but only by coding your own logic to do this. It would probably be best to encapsulate your map as a member of another class, and add in precondition checks and appropriate logic to control the size.

3. You''re really asking about a priority_queue here. However, you could key the map on something that conveys the required information (perhaps just an incremental integer), and use the range form of erase() to delete elements which fall into the required criteria.

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priority_queue offers no iterators, so you cannot erase anything but the top element from it.

The problem you''re having has a solution, I''m sure, but you have to tell us what behavior you''re trying to get. I''m not sure map''s the right way to go at all, or it might be and require either a multimap, some custom predicates and a different key structure, or both. Can you tell us what you''re trying to accomplish without regards to your current implementation?

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Yeah, Stoffel summed up what I was thinking, especially after seeing the other thread too... it looks like you''re thinking too ''deeply'' about how to use a given algorithm, without being sure that the algorithm you''re contemplating does exactly what you want it to.

There are specific reasons for choosing a map, or a vector, or a list, or a set, and any other structure. When we know exactly what you are trying to achieve, we can point you to the container or algorithm you need, and explain how to use it to achieve your goal.

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Yep. you''re both right.

The MAP thread explains exactly what i need to do and i''m using it wonderfully (in other areas on my game). This thread here has also answered one of my problems, so these two threads have been 150% helpful... really really really helpful


but yeah. my original question, i''m now wondering if i''ve been thinking of the wrong algorithm.

I''m going to stop answering this thread, because the ERASE answer was what i was after.

The priorty thing is another issue and i''ll be talking about that more on the other thread.

thank you all



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