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Pointers and STL containers

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Given the defintition;
	// In Game BOBs

	lpBOB			mousepointer;
	lpBOB			sheep;
	lpCharacter		player;
	lpGSTATE		gstate;
	//iCOORD			test;

} GameG ; 
and that the GSTATE class contains an object map of type vector. I use the following declarations to create a pointer to the vector:
GameG.gstate = new GSTATE(iTempWidth, iTempWidth);
vector<int>* ivMap = &GameG.gstate->map;
What does ivMap really point to? I was expecting ivMap[someint] to return the contents of the approipriate location within the gstate->map array/vector. Instead I get goobledigook.

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You need to dereference the pointer. Use the form


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