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Yo that was a stupid reply!!!
i dunno how to make a program, thats what c++ is for isnt it?
now please, i dont have a C++ exe so i cant start it!!!
My version(5.50 i think) is downloaded from the borland website!!!
they havent replied my mail!!!
so how do i start it!!!!!!!!!!!! ---->thnx for the replies<-----

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Hey Pipo DeClown, you don''t seem to understand what is programming, especially C++;

I guess the one you''ve downloaded is Borland''s free c++ compiler,
right? It is a compiler, not a program like MS Word to write
documents. You are not going to click some buttons and then a
huge program like MS Word comes out for you to use using this

After you have edit your source code using any editor you like,
you can use it to compile to a program.

By the way, it is a command-line tool(the free one), so not IDE
is provoided. (At least I can''t find one in it).
You have to type something like

BCC32 file1.cpp file2.cpp ...

I hope that helps

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im really sorry!!!
uhm.... im a beginner....what is a compiler??
and uhm.... where do i type "bcc32........."???????
let me know plz!!! (BTW i like this site!!!)

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First I apologize for any mix up with my signature, was not meant as a personal attack. Next I think you would be better served with a graphical interface. Here is a free compiler you can use. I hope this helps. You are in the hardest part of the whole learning curve right now but dont give up. Just know that you are going to have to read, read, read.

These are the links to download all you need:
Dev C++ 4 (full versionwith Mingw compiler and libraries) size - 7.5 mg
Dev C++

After you get is all set up here is a link to a small tutorial to get you started.

And here is a link for DirectX for Dev C++.
Direct X for Dev C++

Good luck.

Don't sit and complain about a program, make a better one or shut up!

Edited by - grellin on February 18, 2002 10:03:05 AM

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C++ is a language, a compiler is what converts the language into a machine readable form. Computers only understand 0''s and 1''s (Binary) and for us to program in binary is too hard. We use an almost english form ie Java, C++, VB and let the compiler do the hard work.

An IDE is an Intergrated Development Enviroment, basicly a text editor with keyboard shortcuts to run a compiler and maybe a debugger as well. You could use notepad if you are a masachist but I''d stick with downloading Dev C++.

Definatly get a good beginners book and don''t attempt DirectX until you have a good grasp of C++. Try a search on Amazon or this site for a book.


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Pipo DeClown, there are a few things you need to realise. There are lots of people who read these boards, me included, who are willing to help beginners such as yourself. However, when I see someone behaving in a quite immature manner as you have been, I feel that I don't want to offer you any help. In particular, I am unimpressed with your swearing and impatience, and your apparent belief that you have a *right* to receive help.

Personally speaking, I take time out of my own working day to offer help on several different community forums (not just limited to GameDev). I have no moral or financial responsibility to do so, and you have no right to demand that people answer your questions. If you want people to take the time to help you, it would be appreciated if you would take the time to attempt correct spelling and grammar, to express yourself in ways other than swearing, and to have some patience and gratitude.

1st law of programming: Any given program, when running, is obsolete.

Edited by - SabreMan on February 19, 2002 5:32:35 AM

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