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Direct X Docementation in print?

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Does it exist? I''m sure as hell not about to print off all those pages on my printer, but its a hassle to only be able to read it off of the computer. Can it be bought from MSDN or somewhere else? Actually its probably illegal to sell it on print...but is it out there? "Ogun''s Laughter Is No Joke!!!" - Ogun Kills On The Right, A Nigerian Poem.

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Alot of times, books will actually include VERY similar documentation. Personally, I think that''s a bit of a ripoff...

I haven''t seen anything for 8 or 8.1. Depending on what you''re doing, you may either want to buy a 3rd party book that covers the areas you need or deal with the online version.

Sometimes books are good to get the high level ideas and then the online docs are good to ask "What are the parameters again?" At least, that''s how I use them.

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Are you saying you can find something in print FASTER than
by doing a simple search in electronic form? I highly
doubt that!

I think any kind of programming documentation in print is
"less useful" than in electronic form. After all, you''re
not going to type in 5 pages of "example code", are you?
No, you''ll just gladly copy & paste it into a compiler
and use it!

Who actually reads about EVERY function? No, you just use
the documentation as reference and look up what each
parameter is/does.

That said, some (many?) Direct3D books regurgitate the
SDK documentation, (what a waste of money and trees...), so
you may look there...

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For reference, I agree, the electronic form is better.

However, with every new version of DirectX, I always printed
out DirectDraw/3D/Graphics sections, and maybe input.
(Which always seemed to happen right before I left a
company allowing me to use their nice laser jet printers
without any bad feelings.
I personally enjoy actually being able to sit back and
read the documentation. With paper I can highlight what
I like, and draw diagrams where needed. I know you are
not arguing that books are bad. But I would buy for $30 or
$40 the complete documentation to one or two parts
of DX when a new version comes out, it will not only save
me time printing it out, but also paper and ink.

But I think they should split it up like they did for
the Visual Studio books. One book for the core material,
and another for the interfaces and references. That way
people could just read up on the new core technologies.

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Just to back up Crazedgenius I find it easier to use books. My C++ IDE takes up 99% of my screen at any one time, D3D help file in the background with really small text makes my eyes water (esp on my crappy monitor). When was the last time you read a doc on screen - everyone i know prints it off to read it *properly*.

Best going for a general book such as Jim Adams or CrazedGenius''s (when it comes out) as it wil cover various implementation issues, performance issues, etc, which the SDK docs seem to ignore (no mention of performance differences bewtween DrawPrimitive and DrawPrimitiveUP for example).



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I wanted to know if its out there because I dont always have time to sit down at the computer and read somethings. I dont have any problems finding things in the SDK docs as it is now, but with some functions I would really like to know all of the parameters in the exact order because they would probably be used a lot. For that, it would be much easier to read it somewhere like the dinner table. Not at my computer where I would spend my time doing the actual programming.

And the reason I dont want book documentation is because most of them wont give the formal parameter list and exactly what does, or it just wont be accurate. I want the information straight from the source.

"Ogun''s Laughter Is No Joke!!!" - Ogun Kills On The Right, A Nigerian Poem.

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