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How many hours a week for OpenGL?

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(subtitle - Am I a slow learner?) Okay, its a little off topic but now I''ve seen how many cool projects are out there I''m curious to know how many hours a week other people can spare for their OpenGL stuff. As I am old and crusty enough to have a mortgage that needs paying I can only spare about 10 hours a week for OpenGL. This is barely enough time to fire up the old compiler and try something new. I really miss the 48 hour coding sessions of my youth Is anyone else in the same boat or do most of you have more time? Cheers Keef ----------------------- glDisable(WORK); glEnable(GL_CODING);

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If possible install the compiler and tutorials
on your work computer. Whenever you have 20m to
spare, hit the tutorial and keep on coding.
An hour per day, at the end of day, will also
bring results.

Feel free, like I did, to create basic VB6 apps
that will enhance the time you spend coding.

I created a small VB app that tells me the parameters
for a specific OGL, DX, etc call...

Try it...

[Hugo Ferreira][Positronic Dreams][]
"Research is what I''m doing when I don''t know what I''m doing."
- Wernher Von Braun (1912-1977)

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