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Terrain rendering

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Can anyone point me at a tutorial on how to generate a 3d enviroment? I don''t even know what this is called. Something like the donuts3d demo with dx, or if it''s simpler i don''t even need terrain, the first 3d game i make i want to be a space sim. all the tutorials i look at just show me how to draw shapes... maybe im suppose to infer how to do this but i can''t wrap my head around it.

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Have a look at :

I''m sure there is a terrain demo there.


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a) The title is a bit big vague to your actual post. You say in the title you want terrain rendering, but in reality you want a "space sim with no terrain".

b) Anyway, I''m also doing a similar thing to you. Starting out with minimal knowledge of 3D and.or DirectX. What I''m doing is sitting down and thinking... Okay, I want to make a game... Think smaller.

What is a game? A game is essentially spinny shapes controlled by people and/or computers. So what now? We know we need spinny things.

How do we make the spinny things? Spinny things are made of triangles and triangles are made of vertices.

So I made a vertex class to perform things like rotations on vertices, etc. Then I made some triangle classes to hold sets of vertices and normalise them (for lighting, etc).

And then you think - now I have my mesh of triangles, I need to have a copy of this "model" stored somewhere and have instances in the game.

So what I did was make a "World". This has WorldObjects, Camera, Lights, etc. The worldObjects basically holds a vertex buffer copy of my original base model (this allows you to perform rotations on each entity in the world, etc). And this is where I''m up to now...

I''m working on a model loader from Milkshape, but this is another set of problems.

Best thing to do would be to encapsulate everything into separate systems... "Display", "Control", "3DWorld", etc. That each run as independently as possible.

But as I said, I''m a newbie to this, don''t heed me. But this is just how I''m doing things, experimenting with time. Fun is what it''s all about.

Think small... Don''t think game, think spinny things. then YOu can make a game.


All the best problems start with C

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