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Question about Win98 and memory usage

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Greets, I''ve got a question about how Win98 handles memory usage. I used a system watcher, Cool Beans, to keep track of RAM usage. I noticed that my program wouldn''t unallocate some of the ram. I checked for memory leaks using a method I saw in other places on gamedev but found none. Then I decided to check and see what happens if i make a painfully simple program. All it does is return 0. Can''t get much simpler than that =) Well, turns out that if I run that exe it also doesn''t unallocate the memory it uses. What''s the deal? Does Win98 suck that bad at getting memory back? Am I missing something? Is Cool Beans wrong? Does this mean that you can''t use memory watchers to see if your program has memory leaks? As always, any insight you can give to this issue is appreciated. Blazeroni

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Do this:
  • Write down the memory usage.
  • Run your program.
  • Write it down again.
  • Run your program again.
  • Repeat.
    You should notice that after a couple runs it stops using more memory after closing it (hopefully ). Windows (like many OS''s) caches executables and libraries so that on repeated execution the secondary start times are lower.

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    Ah yes, the mythical Win9x memory leaks. Expansion of the (extremely poorly implemented) VCache can be a pain. I would recommend putting a cap of 16 Megs or so on the size of the VCache - open up system.ini, find the [VCache] section, and add the following lines:

    Save, and reboot.

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