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Taking 16bit to 24bit

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For some reason. When I use
unsigned char byBlue = (wValue & m_ddpxfColor.dwBBitMask)* 255/m_ddpxfColor.dwBBitMask);
unsigned char byGreen = (wValue & m_ddpxfColor.dwGBitMask)* 255/m_ddpxfColor.dwGBitMask);
unsigned char byRed = (wValue & m_ddpxfColor.dwRBitMask)* 255/m_ddpxfColor.dwRBitMask);
To convert my colors back to 24 bit when I convert them back. They appear darker. Is there a flaw in my math I don''t see?

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thats because you dont shift

lets say m_ddpxfColor.dwRBitMask = 0xf800,
than thats 255/0xf800 or 255/(more than 255) and thats 0.
(integer division).

just think about it again, and maybe youll see what youre doing wrong.

--- foobar
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You lose to low order 3-bits when you convert *TO* 16-bit colors. Typical format: ARRRRRGGGGGBBBBB. Thus a full intensity color of 11111111 becomes 11111000. I think your math is OK - You multiply by 255 first, then divide...

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