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Selection, Name stack, Hits - Newbie question

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Okay, I''ve tested my code pretty thoroughly and hits and everything is working. The only thing that isn''t working is the name stack.
GLint viewport[4];
	double ratio;






	ratio = (viewport[2]+0.0) / viewport[3];
that is more or less from a book. Next I draw ''tiles'' each with its own name using

	for ( X = 0; X < MAP_SIZE; X += STEP_SIZE )
		for ( Y = 0; Y < MAP_SIZE; Y += STEP_SIZE )

			x = X;					
			y = 0;	
			z = Y;							
			glColor3f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f);
			glVertex3i(x, y, z);		





Is there anything wrong with that ? As far as I can tell from the examples PopName should be used but if I use it it will erase the name on top of the stack which I don''t want (I don''t think). Now when performing to see if I have any hits, I get 1 hit, but the names in the hit are always 0. If I put glPushName(-1); during initialisation it will return 1 name but it is always -1, so why does that count during initialisation but not during rendering ? and yes I''ve set the Render mode to SELECT. Any idea''s ? thanks in advance!

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Does it actually only return one name (GROUND) or two names (GROUND & whatever) per hit ?

Once you have pushed your first name, you can try using glLoadName()

Could you post a copy of your hit record ?

And... do you remember that nothing is returned until you come back to glRenderMode(GL_RENDER) ?

Edit: once you are done, you can erase the last name on the stack.

Edited by - Fruny on February 18, 2002 4:16:11 AM

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It is returning 1 hit with 0 names (if that is possible).

I''ll quickly try using glLoadName() and see if that makes a difference, thanks.

and yeah I''m switching back to GL_Render

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Okay when I inistialise I PushName(-1), then I use glLoadName to set the name for each quad/polygon and I always get the same results no matter what I click.

Hits = 1
number of names for hit = 1

z1 is 4248731479;
z2 is 4250548850

the name is -1

void processHits (GLint hits, GLuint buffer[])
GLint i, j;

GLuint names, *ptr;
Output("Hits = %d", hits);
ptr = (GLuint *) buffer;

for (i = 0; i < hits; i++)
{ /* for each hit */
names = *ptr;

Output(" number of names for hit = %d\n", names); ptr++;
Output(" z1 is %u;", *ptr); ptr++;
Output(" z2 is %u\n", *ptr); ptr++;

for (j = 0; j < names; j++)
{ /* for each name */

Output(" the name is %d ", *ptr); ptr++;
Output(" ");
Output(" ");


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More checking

Structure of the hit record (Red Book, p536)
for each hit
- number of names N
- zmin
- zmax
- N names

The number of hits is the value returned by glRenderMode()

Edit: ok, you got it ;p

Edited by - Fruny on February 18, 2002 4:43:05 AM

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I don't know, you code seems ok...

more stupid questions
- are you indeed going through the for loops ?
- is your projection matrix really the same as in render mode ? (i.e. are you clicking on an object)
- do you have bad karma ?

correction : your projection matrix looks fine...

Edited by - Fruny on February 18, 2002 4:53:35 AM

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a) Yeah going through the loops as I can see them rendered and am pretty sure they are being rendered in SELECT mode too.

b)I believe so, because when I click on nothing, black background.. no hits are returned only when I click on a ground tile.

c) God yes! You have no idea what kind of problems I''ve been having. All of a sudden my news server has randomly started dropping posts, been getting 404 errors all over the place, and Gravity freezes on splash screen.

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Here is an overview of my process

glClearColor (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

if (mode == SELECT) {


// Set Camera Angle.

cameraPos[2], // camera location

cameraLookAt[2], // looking at

0.0f); // up vector

// Update Keyboard input

// -----------------------

sinput.DInputUpdate(); //Update DirectInput to make sure it''s still alive

if(KEY_DOWN(DIK_ESCAPE)) //Check to see if the user wants to quit

// -----------------------

// Handle keyboard input





if (mode == SELECT)
s3d.BufferSwap(); //Finally, swap the buffers

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Just another test : try clicking at the edge of several tiles so that your 5x5 picking window gets several hits... and post the results back.

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