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any interrest in it ?

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hello all of you, i''m pratically new here. i''m making a library for creating 3D real-time games: this is not only an engine, but more: i want it to manage all a game and not only the rendering. It must be a complete set for making any games (first person shoot, races -with car or..., plane simulation). It must be easy at use. i''m working on it since around 1 year. i''m not an expert, i learn how to do. I use C++ for doing that. At this time, it''s based on glut (but want to use glx and wgl for best performances). it works under linux and windows. At the beginning, i wanted to use an existing engine as plib or sdl or Crystal... but i found that making my own engine would be better and almost more interressant for knowledge. it could use one actor in a world and move it by interactivity. it does simplist collisions, can make objects follow the relief. it load 3DS (and ASE) 3D models ( i want blender too), and use RGB images (and TGA in development). I want it be optimized for nvidia cards. It lacks physics stuffs as making a car glide when turning too fast, or manage its acceleration (for now it''s concentrated on a car). it lacks network utilities too. and it lacks opengl advanced technics as multi texture, graphic memory allocation, and many other that i don''t still know. it''s only a project and is under the LGPL/GPL licenses. it uses CVS for the development. now, about me: my name is J-D Frattini, i''m french. i''ve got a scientific BAC and now i''m learning to be a developer for client-server applications (2 years over the BAC). I''m alone in the development but some people are (or have) helping (helped) me a bit. if anyone is interrested, please wrote me at jide@tuxfamily.org this is serious. cordially, Fratt thanx for your attention.

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