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Capturing the user input / Tabstop

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I wanted to implement a simple tab stop routine in a win 32 dialog, between the controls. Firstly I thought to use Wm_KEYDOWN or WM_CHAR, but these messages arnt given so it seems when the key is pressed but the focus is on a control. Currently Im using GetAsyncKeyState to check if VK_TAB has been pressed, then I move to the right control etc. The problem being this is very slow, alittle unpredicatable and results in error beeps when tab is pressed in an edit box and so on. So is there anyway I can get any input from the keyboard then stop tab messages (and then process my own stuff) from reaching the controls? Or am I looking at a long and difficult process (Im not against long or difficult but for such a small thing in a college coursework that Ive already passed it doesnt seem worth going over the top). Thanks! Ballistic Programs Edited by - drazgal on February 18, 2002 6:06:14 PM

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Alternatively if anyone could tell me what I missed when setting up my tabstops Id be grateful, the window is made with the WS_FLAG, and the forms are made in the resource editor as dialogs, the controls are all set to tabstop and have the correct tab order. I create the dialog with the CreateDialog function then center it, however get no response when I press tab, can anyone tell me what Im missing?


Ballistic Programs

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