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Hi! I''m doing a small game using dplay7. When a player gets lost for some reason, maybe a crach or a full hour lag, I destroy that player on the server and send a destroy player msg to the others in the session. But here comes the problem.. When I try to send a guaranteed message from the server to all other players using DPID_ALLPLAYERS after that a player has timedout I get a few seconds delay on the server.. I think it has something to do with that dplay tries to send a guaranteed message to the previously destroyed/timedout player that does no longer exist. If I loop through the players manualy instead of using DPID_ALLPLAYERS the delay disapears I''m using DestroyPlayer(player_id); when removing the timedout player. I get a DP_OK as a result although something is quite wrong. Anyone got a solution? /Herr.O

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