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Dplay problem :(

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Hi! I''m doing a small game using dplay7. When a player gets lost for some reason, maybe a crach or a full hour lag, I destroy that player on the server and send a destroy player msg to the others in the session. But here comes the problem.. When I try to send a guaranteed message from the server to all other players using DPID_ALLPLAYERS after that a player has timedout I get a few seconds delay on the server.. I think it has something to do with that dplay tries to send a guaranteed message to the previously destroyed/timedout player that does no longer exist. If I loop through the players manualy instead of using DPID_ALLPLAYERS the delay disapears I''m using DestroyPlayer(player_id); when removing the timedout player. I get a DP_OK as a result although something is quite wrong. Anyone got a solution? /Herr.O (didn''t see this forum until now, sorry for 2X post)

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DPID_ALLPLAYERS starts to lag when I destory a player... so, it's not so good.

I'll tryout KalvinB's suggestion.. thx!

Edited by - Herr_O on February 20, 2002 7:54:57 AM

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DirectPlay works great. ALL_PLAYERS works fine as well if you have it set up properly. There''s just never a need for it. You should code your game so that there''s rarely if any need for every player to recieve a message. It''s better just to use a for loop so you''re in control.

The biggest problem was probably not using ASYNC. By not using ASYNC the program stops until a message has been sent and if it''s guarenteed it has to wait even longer to make sure the message made it to it''s destination.

Once again using a for loop with ASYNC allows

a) control
b) the server to keep moving while DPLAY handles the messages transparently in a seperate thread.

With Winsock you have to set up the multithreading. With DPlay, it''s already there.


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hehe.. I don''t agree, I think DPlay could do with alot of improvements. Hate having to wait 1h (exaggerated) just to create a server, leaving a game etc. But now that I''ve started using DPlay I might aswell complete it, though next time (if there is a next time) I won''t be using it.

I don''t like the DPSEND_GUARANTEED thing neither It may be easy to use, but I feel a lack of control. Another thing, I can''t get through my router with DPlay (it splits my IP).. why is this? I got no problem going through it with winsock.

I belive dp can be good as a start but to make large and complicated game - then I would prefer to do my own thing.

I can go on forever, but I won''t.

thx for the replies everyone!

"If I''m not careful, I''ll end up talking to myself!"

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