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first step help~

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Hi all~ I''m new here and I am interested in game programming much, but my programming is poor and I am confused with which language and tools I should choose. should I read many many books then ? And I''d appreciate any ideas for me~ Regards~ 100 per cent beginner~ call me black plz~

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read many, many books
read many, many articles
ask many, many questions

Despite the losers around here who can''t stand newbies asking "stupid" questions, there are plenty of people willing to help. You should never be afraid to post a query in this forum - that''s what we created it for!

We have 1430 articles right here at GameDev to get you started on your required reading, hee hee. See the Articles and Resources section.

And even tho you may read a lot, as soon as you get done reading something - go out and program it. Immediatly. This isthe only way to gain experience, which is vital next to knowledge. After you program it, start fiddling with it (whatever it is) to make it your own and do more than it was originally made to do.

The only other advice I can give is to be proactive. Don''t sit around waiting for people and things to come to you. If you want something, then you''d better start nagging people for it - but don''t become a nuisance. It''s a fine line you have to tread, so be careful Good luck.


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No, some people just don't like deciphering bad grammar and spelling, and swearing (even in a good sense) doesn't really make people friendly towards you. I would suggest you do as he asks. Clean up your act and you'll have more people willing to be of help.

If it's one thing I can suggest, it's to stop using exclamations (!!!) and a lot of question marks (???). Placing a lot of exclamations after a sentence can make you sound demanding - and you have no right to demand information from anyone. Placing a lot of question marks after a sentence can make you sound impatient, and a lot of people don't like dealing with impatient, demanding people.

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if you want to jump right into game programming, with poor programming skills, then learn VB.

with vb, its easy to get graphical fast, and, the syntax, flow, and debugging is pretty simple.

once you got VB down, or if you dont like it, go to C++, and prepare for the long haul...

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