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Real small

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Hey, does anyone know of an extreamly small (it should fit on a couple of floppy) distrobution of linux. I''d say I was good at computers but a completely new to linux, so it has to be easy. From what I''ve heard and seen linux seems like a very powerful OS. Thanks in advance.

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All Linux distributions are very small at heart; the differences in size arise from all the extras (desktop environments are major culrpits) and applications that are typically installed. If you run any self-respecting Linux distro installation, there''s an Expert mode that generally allows you to configure and install exactly what you want - even if the installer thinks it''s a bad idea.

You might also want to look into Linux From Scratch if you''re interested in building extra-small distros. If you just want to try Linux out, though, don''t attempt this option. It requires a fair amount of technical knowledge.

For the record, I''ve read of a complete Linux kernel and web server (httpd) being installed on a Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator. Total size: <500K.

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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