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How Many Lines of Code?

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Well, let''s see...
Diablo probably had 150k-200k and since Diablo II is pretty much
just a graphical upgrade(barely), I''d say it has...about 250k?

"da da da"

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You know, I remember you asking the same about EQ a while ago...
Games are almost always written by large teams of people so don''t
get so discouraged by these huge numbers of code. Beside,
it all depends on what you consider a line of code.


is not as big as say a line of code that initializes a 30 member

When I was small, I played a little nintendo game called

Now I thought that this was kinda a simple game a while back,
and when I beat it, I was like...''Holy crap a lot of japanese
peope did this.'' Of course that game is nowhere near as
complex as Diablo so that should tell you something.

As for a commercial game, a LOT of people usually work on even
the simplest puzzle game. Try to keep it all in perspective.

As a coder for some game, you might only write 10,000 lines out
of say, 300,000. Which means that maybe 30 people are working
on it. (I know, each person writing exactly 10,000 lines is
a simplistic, unrealistic way of looking at things but I''m just
giving it as example.)
But I dont know, comparing lines of code seems to me a little
Arbitrary also.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.