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3D engines

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Im looking for feedback on the various free 3D engines available out there. Ive been using http://www.3dengines.com/ as a reference but there is a lot of information there and Im feeling a bit overwhelmed. Im doing this for a project for school. Im going to be modelling the flight patterns of pteranodons (flying reptiles: similiar to pterodactyls). I imagine a pteranodon model flying above a simple terrain (probably generated with a height map), landing, walking around, and taking off again. Given that I have a short time to do this in (< 2 months) and that this is a project to show my research on pteranodon flight patterns not my knowledge in opengGL or Direct3D - Ive decided to pick out a free 3D engine/library. Ive had multivariable calculus so Im alright with 3D math, just havent had much programming experience with it yet. So can anyone recommend me an engine to use? Something could provide some simple terrain, animation, basic collision detection, and maybe some camera help? I have quite a bit of experience programming, just not much 3D stuff. Again this isnt about programming a great looking demo, Im just looking for a way to accurately model an extinct reptiles flight pattern. Thanks Ratman

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NebulaDevice -- http://www.radonlabs.de

Shark3D -- commerical engine, send an email to their president and ask for a freeware license (e.g. non-commercial) http://www.shark3d.com

You might want to try Crystal Space, its on sourceforge.net

Thats the ones I can think of right now

Black Hole Productions
Resident expert on stuff

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