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Position and orientation matrix

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While i know that everyone is probaly thinking "why" I would like someone to check this matrix for positioning a camera in OpenGL, i realise that it is possible to do the same thing using gluLookAt, but i would like to try this for myself, and i would like to try band eliminate the need for the glu32 libary. So my question is, is this correct?? Would this generate the correct position and oreintation for an OpenGL Camera | Right.X Up.X Look.X Dot(Right, Pos.X) | | Right.Y Up.Y Look.Y Dot(Up, Pos.X) | | Right.Z Up.Z Look.Z Dot(Look, Pos.Z) | | 0 0 0 1 | Thanks to anyone that knows (and dosent go on about gluLookAt etc)!!!

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