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ISO line of sight help...

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I have looked through the last year of posts here and have been unable to really find any help on this... I''m sorry if this has been asked a million times already. I have a staggered iso map and I need some pointers on a good line of sight algorithm. One suggestion that I read was to convert the staggered map into a diamond map and use a Bresenham''ish algorithm. I''m using a real basic lighting technique based on intensity and line of sight... multiple light sources, objects and entities on a map could produce quite a few LoS calculations per frame and I''m not sure how efficient map coordinate conversion would be (maybe it''s simple?). I see all sorts of discussion on pathfinding (this is good but my engine isn''t ready for that quite yet) but not much on LoS. Maybe because it''s so blatantly obvious and only true newbies ask questions about it? If so, I confess, I''m pretty much a newbie to the world of ISO. I''m converting my 2d non-ISO engine to an ISO engine. I have a normal 2d non-ISO version of Bresenham LoS working. How hard is it to tweak it to work with ISO coordinate system? The ultimate would, of course, be an actual staggered ISO LoS chunk of code... or even pseudo-code... . -jtrhone jtrhone@yahoo.com

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