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is WORD just typedef unsigned int WORD?

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I am still very new to programming in C++. Recently I have started learning to create a windows. All my experience up to now has been basic programming in a DOS box. To declare a positive integer variable I would always use "unsigned int" now that I have started messing around with windows and including almost every resource I read for help now uses "WORD" to declare an unsigned integer. Is WORD just "typedef unsigned int WORD;"? If not what is the difference please? Thanks to who ever throws me some input on this in advanced. ThermoFish

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I think that a WORD is an unsigned 16-bit int, but I don''t know exactly how it is defined. (In MSVC, it could be defined as typedef unsigned __int16 WORD).


I finally got it all together...
...and then forgot where I put it.

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A word in generic non-platform-specific terms is considered 2 bytes. A double word is 2 words etc...

From a windows point of view, WORD is a typedef for an unsigned 16 bit integer. Here are most of the common windows types (defined in windef.h)

typedef unsigned long ULONG;
typedef ULONG *PULONG;
typedef unsigned short USHORT;
typedef unsigned char UCHAR;
typedef UCHAR *PUCHAR;
typedef char *PSZ;
#endif /* !BASETYPES */

typedef unsigned long DWORD;
typedef int BOOL;
typedef unsigned char BYTE;
typedef unsigned short WORD;
typedef float FLOAT;
typedef FLOAT *PFLOAT;
typedef BOOL near *PBOOL;
typedef BOOL far *LPBOOL;
typedef BYTE near *PBYTE;
typedef BYTE far *LPBYTE;
typedef int near *PINT;
typedef int far *LPINT;
typedef WORD near *PWORD;
typedef WORD far *LPWORD;
typedef long far *LPLONG;
typedef DWORD near *PDWORD;
typedef DWORD far *LPDWORD;
typedef void far *LPVOID;
typedef CONST void far *LPCVOID;
typedef void *HANDLE;
typedef int INT;
typedef unsigned int UINT;
typedef unsigned int *PUINT;

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AHH!! Thanks a lot. I was looking in for all those typedefs. Thanks for posting they are in .

One more question now. Is it possible to make typedefs color coded like standard keywords under VC++? I like being able to see my variables a little clearer and by using the typedefs in the the types are just plain black.

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