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Plan ?

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Hi , I think there is no need to tell that that i''m new to game programming I was wondering how a game is make ? I mean not the game design itself but ..mmm. the organisation of the files , sources, etc... If someone can give me a shell that I can start with in the right directionthat would be nice. Thanks If you don''t understand my question, it''s okay since i''m don''t understand myself lol Maduray ---** Being a newB isn''t that bad, is it ? **--- -----** (^_^) **-----

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void main()
bool done = false;
Init( );
while( !done )
done = GameMain( );
Close( );

There''s a frame that should work.


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Heh. That may be the basic outline (very... very, very, basic..) of a small game, but you couldn't do much with that.

If you wan't to make a game, you have to learn C++(or whatever programming language... I suggest C++) quite well, and then look into a easy graphics API (might I suggest Simple DirectMedia Layer? ).

The structure of a game won't even make sense to you untill then.

However, I'll give you a head start. Here's how your main function will be arranged, in order to make a game:

int main()

int done = 0;
while(done == 0)
//do some shtuff, thats right, shtuff.

if(keypressed = UP)
done = 1;
return 0;

Hope that helps! Mind you that the code for a game is alot longer. That is just another basic outline of the structure.

Simple DirectMedia Layer:

Main Site - (www.libsdl.org)
Cone3D Tutorials- (cone3D.gamedev.net)
GameDev.net's Tutorials - (Here)


Main Site - (www.opengl.org)
NeHe Tutorials - (nehe.gamedev.net)
Online Books - (Red Book) (Blue Book)

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Here''s a different angle of an answer...

Load in game data
initialize game state
initiate game
receive user input (input engine)
determine AI actions (ai engine)
calculate object movements/positions (physics engine)
draw to view (graphics engine)
loop back to user input until game end
loop back to initiate game until user quits game

Obviously there are many variations, and there can also be expansions of every item in the list, but these are the fundamental tasks and one order of performing them involved in making a basic game.

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that''s great thanks ! I think it''ll help me.
Thank you.
But how about the file and graphics ? How can you load file or grphics in your program ? and where do you put those files ? Do you compile them with the app or put them in a folder ?
Thanks again

-----** the power of the newbie is within you **-----

-----** (^_^) **-----

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