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associating bitmap with direct draw surface

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I was looking for ways to attach a bitmap which is part of a project's resources to a DD surface, and I found that DDCopyBitmap in ddutil.ccp ought to work. Unfortunatly I am learning from a book which uses DX 6, and so I am using DD 4, not 7 (although I have DX 8 installed.) The compiler can't convert the between 4 and 7 when DDcopyBitmap is called. Is it possible to find an older version of ddutil? I searched and searched.. I really don't want to try to convert from DD to D3D (direct draw is no longer part of DX, and I couldn't convert to DD7, because I have no SDK documentation for it!) Is there an alternative way to attch a bitmap to a DD surface??? aha, I ought to have mentioned that the code which used DDCopyBitmap that I found (here in a gamedev article) uses DX7 Edited by - graeme on February 20, 2002 4:52:02 PM Okay, forget it. I just had to initialise DD 7..... Hmm, it's a steep learning curve but that wasn't a big problem... Edited by - graeme on February 20, 2002 5:09:46 PM

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