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/boot partition

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Linux Native. Even if you''re going to dual-boot, I would recommend you simply create a small FAT partition at the start of your drive for Windows Boot files. If you''re not dual-booting, don''t bother with any FAT partitions.

You probably will only need about 25 Megs for that partition.


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I want to boot both Win2K and Linux. Would I need a FAT in the first 1024 cylinders then not a Linux Native?

Oh by the way, how do you calculate how many MB is the first 1024 cylinder?

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My partitioning scheme is like this:
hda1 primary fat32 600MB C:
hda2 primary linux 32MB /boot
hda3 primary swap 64MB swap
hda4 extended partition
hda5 logical fat32 8GB D: ( main windows 98 partition )
hda6 logical fat32 1GB E: ( windows backup partition )
hda7 logical linux 3GB /home
hda8 logical linux 1GB /backup
hda9 logical linux +_ 4GB /
I know that most recent BIOS ( I would say less than 5 years old ) don''t have the 1024 limit but I like to have at least a separate /home partition because if I have to reinstall Linux at least I won''t loose my data.
I hope this helps.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Ok how about this. I have a pc card with a 256 mg memory card I use for quick backups of programs. Now when I installed Linux it detected it and when I look at the configuration manager it displays it. My problem is how do I access it now. Do I have to mount it and if so why isn''t it in my /mnt dir?

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