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New line in edit box?

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In my game I have this "About" dialog box, and in it I for space saving purposes I use an Edit Box with scroll bars for displaying some text. The text itself is just a null terminated string that I pass to the Edit Box using SendMessage(). However I can''t find out of a way to make Windows understand when I want new line in the Edit Box, so all the text appear in a single paragraph now no matter what I try. How can I force the Edit Box to use new line? In the dialog editor /n works fine, but not when included in the string (just char string[]= "ab/nc". The game can be found here if you want to see what I mean (Soukoban): It''s just a single exe file, so you can just run it from location if you want to. No install needed whatsoever. I am not using any MFC btw!

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