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Hey whats up fellow developers, is where you program bots online and watch them destroy other peoples bots in the battle arena. It is open source and made for those who like A.I., Bots and arcade action. To learn and refine game programming algorithms you can view other peoples bots easy to learn source code. Then you can program your own and even suggest commands to add to the language. Whether you are a beginner or pro it is fun to program bots and test your bots A.I. against others A.I. If they beat your bot you can see their source code and learn from it, improve your bot and watch it fight. Java programmers can delight in modifying the client if they wish as the program is open source. You can refine the code that makes the game work, add new commands to update the current version or you can post your own version up for play at I love A.I. so join in and help with the botbattle adventure by simply checking out the site. -=Stylin/Teddybot=-

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