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DelphiFreak Member since: 1/3/2002 From: USA Posted - 18 February 2002 5:38:51 PM Hi, We''re looking for programmers that want to have flexibility towards what they want to work on. Projects can range from applicatons, 2D/3D games, music players, and anything else you can come up with. We already have 4 people in this new group. There are no requirements! You can range from a newbie-advanced programmer. Some good points: 1. Want to use C++ or Delphi programming language. 2. Use Visual C++ Borland C++ Builder or Borland Delphi compilers 3. Want to learn and have fun programming. 4. Possibility want to use other programming language. That''s all! If you want to be apart of this new group, then just reply to this post, and we''ll fix you up! Have fun!

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