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Odd bug...could use some help.

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First, an introduction: I''m writing a world editor for the 3D engine I''m building. There are a number of views, and each view has a toolbar at the top (actually a modeless dialog box). There are four types of views - 3D, Top, Front and Left, and you can change the type of the current view using a drop-down combo box in the view''s toolbar. Whenever you change the view type the toolbar is destroyed and re-created, since different view types have different toolbars. Unfortunately, sometimes when you change the view type, the program crashes in USER.EXE. I''m pretty sure this has to do with the drop-down combo box, because you can also change view types through the menu and this doesn''t seem to cause the crash. The crash results in one of these two messages: WORLDED caused an invalid page fault in module USER.EXE at 0003:00009e46. ... WORLDED caused a general protection fault in module USER.EXE at 0004:000059fa. ... I''ve "browsed" through USER.EXE (my bad - I''m frustrated) and the locations given seem (although I might be wrong) to be in the API functions TrackMouseEvent and IsWindowVisible, respectively, neither of which I call in my code. Again, I suspect that naughty drop-down combo box. Rather complex issue, I know. If anyone has heard of something like this before, or has any ideas (regardless of how good they are - I''m desperate) please reply. Thanks for reading! -- Torin

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