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Screen transitions

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I was wondering how to do some basic screen transitions. I know how to do transitions from left to right and such, but how would one go about fading to black/another screen? I''m using DX7, and ddraw. thanks! Sponge Factory --Muzlack

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because you do them just as you say they are done. you want code to effects that ppl are not going to provide. search on the net if you want source, else get coding and expeirmenting. you should know that is a VERY broad question.

here is some help, and all you should need if you program.

simple alpha blending of current and next image. have the blend favor the next image over time (ie make current more transparnet and next more opaque).

as you say, move current to right and bring the next in form the left.

fade to color:
simply alpha blend with a dest color of "color", special (and simplier) case of the crossfade.

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