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8 bit palettes and bitmaps

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Dear everyone, Sorry t bother you all with this, but I tried searching for the topic but I kept getting an internal search error. I shall be brief. I''m writing an 8 bit game and I have a 25g colour bitmap with a limited amount of colours ie 7 is all I used. But when I load it up and export it''s palette entries to a file it says it has many many more colours then that. Now, how do I: a. limit the colours of the bitmap so I can use its 7 colours in my game and keep all the others for other parts of it? ,or; b. wwhat the hell else can I do, without copying all it''s palette entries and over-writing my own? Thank you for your patience, Darkm00n -"I''ll turn you into.. I''ll turn you into whispers"

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