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I have been wanting to participate in game creation for awhile now. Like many others, I have only succeeded in a handful of demos and repeated head-bashing into the mythical wall of C/C++ programming. After over a year of struggling to learn these oh-so-vital languages, I have come to a depressing conclusion: I''m never going to be anything more than an entry-level programmer. While I have the inherent structure of programming down (you don''t slam your head into the wall that many times without learning /something/), I''m just too flaky (or perhaps, not the right kind of flake) for coding. But still, I want to help. My particular talents, however, make this difficult. They are in that ephemeral class of "game design" skills. Level design, game flow, story, and countless other abilities that makes it so hard to distinguish between real designers and wannabees too lazy to learn programming. I have tried not to be a mewling wannabee. I have struggled to learn programming and finally, I just had to say "enough!" I''m not a programmer. I AM, however, a designer. Perhaps not experienced or polished, but the real deal. I have done level design, and story and game flow--and I want to help. I don''t think my abilities warrent payment (My ego''s too shattered from being slapped down by the C++ gods), but I''d love to come in on an indie project that would take me and aid it in any way that I can. I''ve been wanting to help create one of the games that gives me such enjoyment to play. In the end, that''s the only way my type-A personality can allow me to truly enjoy playing games in the first place--if I give something back. Can anyone recommend a site with "indie/needs free help" project listings--preferably for "Survival Horror" genre games? (This type of game is one of my stronger passions, but I also like FPS games.) Any other suggestions that would help me to help a project would be welcomed. But please, don''t tell me to learn to program. I have walked that stony road until my feet were bloody, and I now know that I just don''t have the right type of footwear for it. Thanks to anyone who struggled through this pseudo-rant. Regards, --Kevin

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