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Pipo DeClown

C++ help?

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Hi!! ]im an newB!! i just want to ask a little Q!!! 1.what is the differents between //* /* //*** and//**??? Can someone be nice and help me on my way to be the next Hideo Kojima?

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There are two different comment styles in C++: block commenting and line commenting.

A block comment requires the beginning of the block to be marked with "/*" and ended with "*/", like this...
... this is a block comment

A line comment begins with a "//" symbol and ends at the next carriage return:
// this is a line comment

So, the comment which looks like "//*" is actually a line comment. The asterisk forms part of the commented-out section.

"/*" is the beginning of a comment block.

"//***" is another line comment where the three asterisks are commented-out.

"//**" is yet another line comment where two asterisks are commented-out.

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