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Painting in Dialog Window?

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Hi, How do I BitBlt a bitmap into the client area of a Dialog Window? To BitBlt something into the main window I use this piece of code:

HDC hdc, memdc;
hdc = BeginPaint(hwnd, &paintstruct); // 

memdc = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc);
SelectObject(memdc, hbit);
vRenderWhatever(hdc, memdc); // To display DC from bitmap DC

EndPaint(hwnd, &paintstruct);
Let''s say that I want to blit to a dialog window instead in a similar way, how would I do that? Any special procedures or I just get a handle to the Dialog window, and do my rendering from there? What about the client area? I am a bit confused here, so all help is much appreaciated. What I am doing is a tilebased game, and I have a dialog box for selecting what level to play, and I want to preview a small level map there, hence blitting a small level map to the dialog window. Do I need to set up a particular area of the dialog window for holding the bitmap, or I am free to Blt wherever I want? Thanks for the help!!! No MFC as you can see...

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