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How do I know when to use what? Reference/pointers/etc..

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I understand the usage of pointers of pointers and referenced variables..but I''m so confused as to when to use them in certain situations. For example, the following code will not work/gives me errors..
// (vector/string included, using namespace all setup, etc)

struct person_t {
   string name;
   string address;
//i know this will only read a single word and not the full 

//line but thats beside the point for now.

void addperson(vector <person_t> *tmp, int *num) {
  cout << "Enter name: ";
  cin >> tmp[num-1].name;
  cout << "Enter address: ";
  cin >> tmp[num-1].address

void main() {
  vector <person_t> database;
  // input file..read in how many persons are stored..

  // input them in..works fine..

  while (true) {
     addperson(tmp, numOfPeople);
So why doesnt that work? I get errors in the "addperson" function, or get invalid page faults. Should I be using references? If so, do I only put a & before the variables in the function declaration, in the function itself, or in the arguments from which the function is being called somewhere else in the program? Or should pointers be used? If so, why doesn''t the code above work?

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You''re num is a pointer, not an actual integer. When you say num++, you''re not incrementing the actual number stored there. You need to dereference the pointer: *num++. In this situation, though, there''s no real point in passing num as a pointer. It''ll save you a lot of hassle.

P.S. You need to reference num as *num anywhere in the code (i.e. the array indexes) to use the actual value. Otherwise, you''re using the pointer value, which is most likely causing your function to access memory outside of your array boundaries.

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Ok, but I get errors in regards to using the vector of person_t as well, errors like "left of resize not a struct, etc, etc"

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You can''t use the ''.'' operator on a pointer to a class or struct. You need to use the -> operator. So, for example, you can resize tmp by doing tmp->resize(*num)

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